Traditional Necklace Designs In Trend

India is known for its traditional heavy jewelry and necklaces that can be worn with heavy lehengas and suits. People nowadays are going back to wearing traditional jewelry even with the latest clothes because traditional jewelry goes well with any type of ethnic wear. 

Women also wear jewelry with their western wear now because they like going with the Indo western trend that is available today in the society. 

Trendy Designs Today

Traditional necklaces have as many designs as a person can think of. Among those designs, there are some of the designs that stand out and are worn by people daily. These designs are said to be in trend. Some of these designs are mentioned below:

Choker Necklace

This is one of the designs that is said to never go out of fashion as it is worn by everyone. In this type of necklace, a choker of beads or pearls is made, and then the choker is suspended further down to give it a necklace look. These necklaces are available in various materials like gold, white gold, diamond, etc. 

Silver Necklace

Silver jewelry is also in trend these days. Silver jewelry is cheaper than gold and other materials so many people wear silver jewelry. The advantage of wearing silver jewelry is also that it can be paired up with western clothes. And wearing jewelry with western clothes is also in trend right now. 

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are also in trend. Long chains of pearls are attached and in the middle, some sort of circular design is made, and then this piece is worn by women with ethnic wear. 


A fitting choker is made out of beads or pearls and then paired up mostly with sarees. 


So, by reading the above context, a person can understand what jewelry is in trend these days and go with the trend so that their outfit is always up to date. 

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