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Kolhapur, the land of tradition, culture & humanity. The city evokes a great degree of glorification. A number of supremely holy sites & architectural splendor makes Kolhapur a must-see place for spiritual seekers & travelers alike. Kolhapur stands for its historical heritage, Goddess Mahalaxmi, typical Kolhapuri misal & not to forget the authentic, alluring & traditional Kolhapuri chappals. It doesn’t need any introduction for its uniqueness. The name itself holds its own value. It is the global symbol of the Indian slippers. The origin of Kolhapuri Chappals dates back to 12th century. The chappals happened to be a link between the royals & common people. Their is a wrong perception that only artisans of Maharashtra are involved in making Kolhapuri chappals. The people of Karnataka also claims in making authentic Kolhapuri chappals infact Athani have many cobblers in their village. Long back in the 12th century King Bijala of Bidar district showed his gratitude by inviting a dalit shoemaker for food. So it is believed, Kolhapuri chappals were introduced for a caste free society.

Leather is a flexible material produced by tanning animal raw hide & skins. It is used  to make variety of products which comprises bags, furniture, car seats & most important leather footwear. It is processed in 3 stages basic, tanning & crusting. Tanning is the most important process, this gives leather its long lasting durability.

People love being fashionable, they keep on trying new things with new passion. As this is the, generation next fashion statement should be at the higher level. Leather making process was quite in  argumental situation for some period but later it got back its significance. So the Kolhapuri chappals are still reigning the market. They need to justify this genuine product. 

Nowadays this deeply rooted heritage art is fast vanishing. Kolhapuri chappal is in trend now. It is also called as toe-ring which is quite fascinating. Its intricate details mesmerizes the customers.  Each & every pair is purely handmade with traditional tools. These hardcore chappals were specially designed to give comfort for hard working men from rough land. It must be water proof & heat resistant. It was made for the struggling, hardworking men who work hard on rough roads but with its new looks & designs its significance has reached worldwide. As the art has passed down from generations to generations not only men but also women prefer these embroidered slippers as their style statement. When it comes to choosing a footwear there’s always been a serious discussion for selection. Whether it should be traditional or fashionable? So here is your answer! At Kalapuri.com you will find the high quality indo-western style of Kolhapuri chappals. These not only gives your feet a soothing effect but come up with medicinal effects.   

As years passed Kolhapuri chappals have taken various changes & importance in terms of designs & looks. The typical design of Kolhapuri chappal is crafted with zari work, gold strap & simple gota(pom pom).People prefer Kolhapuri chappal with modernization. It is so much fun to see people taking interest in craft. There are many teenyboppers who needs some trendy & sleek looks with designer chappals. The new version of authentic chappals are here. Kalapuri.com is your one stop shop for all  your desired exigency. So come & discover the fusion of diligence & fashion of densely embellished Kolhapuri chapplals at KALAPURI.  These genuine leather slippers are much more colourful & vibrant than just the traditional tan colors. We are so proud in making these artefact sandals & giving it a smart transformation with stylish designs, intricacy patterns & vibrant colours. Kalapuri is trying to redefine the significance of Kolhapuri chappals along with its cultural heritage We are trying to fuse different styles in a small pair of footwear. People dream to own a pair of Kolhapuri chappals in their lifestyle. Making of these chappals is a restless job & needs immense hardwork. 

Formation of Kolhapuri chappals-


It is fascinated by tools & takes around 5-6 weeks to prepare an authentic Kolhapuri chappal. They are stitched with cattle hide which gives them durability. There are nearly 20 types of sharp tools like chandni punch, rapi & nylon threads, are some of the most important tools used in making these adorned chappals.  It intrigue work goes through various processes like aligning, cutting, skiving, pasting, embossing, marking, stitching, punching, grinding & colouring. Phew! quite a lengthy job… The leather is made from the hide of buffalo, goat & cattle & is dyed with vegetable extract. The leather is washed thoroughly to clean the dirt & is soaked in salt & lime water for few days. Later it is soaked again to remove all the traces of lime.

Intervention of Kolhapuri Chappals.



Key features of Kolhapuri Chappals.

  1. Unique & authenticity.
  2. Purely handmade by expert craftsmen.
  3. Durable, sturdy.
  4. It reduces heat & is totally eco-friendly.
  5. Innumerable & attractive designs.
  6. Variety of different patterns.
  7. The tanned leather gives it a permanent colour & preserves from decomposing.
  8. More than 600 patterns.
  9.  Weighs upto 2 kgs.
  10. Safe for daily use as it contains medicinal effects of myrobalan nuts & Babul bark.


How to preserve.

Maintaining Kolhapuri chappal is not a difficult job. Just few easy steps & your superfluous chappals are preserved for years. Your one time investment is worth here. Follow the simple steps below- 

  • If the Kolhapuri Chappal is too tight, dip the Chappal in a tap water (2 seconds) and remove it. The Kolhapuri chappals are initially tight but has the tendency to expand on your  foot with regular usage.
  • Do not keep the Chappal in a closed space for a long time.
  • Due to moisture, a white fungus develops on to the leather  just brush it off.
  • Polish the Chappal in a week to keep the colour intact.
  • If the Chappal is stiff, dab some castor oil with the help of cotton to soften it.
  • It can be used in summer & winter season…(keep it away from the rains)
  • Fixed permanent colour, doesn’t blot.


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